Almost Famous

Yesterday at work I noticed a blog post on my Google Reader. It was from a wedding blog site called WeddingBee.com. The website features brides from all over the U.S. who document their wedding planning experience. It gives brides lots of good ideas for venues, vendors, decor, etc. I noticed the bride in this post was using the same photographer as Andrew and I. I always get excited when I see something I recognize in a post because that means the bride is somewhere on the West Coast of Florida and I love to see their opinions of the same venues/vendors that I also checked out. Then I noticed a picture of Andrew and I! We're basically famous! haha. Okay, not really. But we were pretty surprised and excited to see ourselves featured on someone's blog as inspiration for choosing their photographer!

I guess that means you'll be seeing our engagement shots. View at your own risk! They're pretty mushy. The photographer said, "when you don't know what to do, just kiss!" It's obvious from the pictures that Andrew and I didn't have a ton of ideas for poses;)

P.S. Can you tell that I'm really procrastinating on final details? I haven't posted in months and now I post 3 times in a week! :D It's the Thank You cards from showers. They are sitting in front of me, staring at me. I'm trying my hardest to ignore them, but I'm really running out of legitimate excuses!

Continually procrastinating,

Post-edit: It's 1:00 AM, but the Thank Yous are completed! All shower gifts and wedding gifts to-date have been written, addressed, and sealed. The envelopes are just waiting for a stamp and trip to the post office! Wow, it feels good!


Grocery List

I am still away on my blogging hiatus (deep in the midst of wedding details), but I couldn't resist posting this DIY project from one of my favorite blogs: Design Sponge.

There are some great grocery list templates which seem so helpful and functional! You don't have to go all crafty and make a clip board, but print the lists, plan some meals, and make an organized grocery list!

New year, new you!