Car Troubles

What a day! I'll preface this by saying I love my car. I love that it was a gift to me; I love that is gets me from point A to B, Florida to Illinois, Illinois to Providence; I love that it's capable of carry all of my stuff, all of my friends, all of my family, pretty much anything. Having said that, I should also confess that I don't tend to dedicate time to making her pretty, clean, or the talk of the town.

Exhibit A.

This is my battery after the nice mechanic man wiped off some of the corrosion. To my shame, when he opened up the hood of my car, it looked like I was smuggling a blue fuzzy tennis ball. Unfortunately it was just an enormous pile of battery acid build up.


Hello World!

So it's official! Brooklyn Worm Girl has inspired me to start a blog! I'll give you a little accurate, but unfortunate background on the formation of this blog.

I recently received a plethora of new furniture from a co-worker and moved into a new apartment. Well somewhere in the mix of all this, I discovered that one of the two blessings came with some friends. Maggots. Only 7 to date, but still enough to cause me extreme discomfort. So I spent a little time researching the best ways to get rid of the little baby flies and in the process discovered her blog. To say the least, it is witty and inspiring. I don't expect the same level of entertainment, but will aim high nevertheless.

So here's to regular updates for my family and friends who can't experience the thrills in my everyday life!