Quick Update

My mom came into town for the weekend. We had a great time tasting lobster rolls, enjoying the sunshine, and relaxing.

Hope your weekend was fabulous as well!

Check out the 365 blog for more updates on our daily happenings. And eventually a weekend recap from this weekend:) I should mention there is a multi-week delay in postings. My goal is real-time postings, but I'm not quite there yet.


Day Trip through RI

(Day 71)


Adventure day.

We’re working on being more adventurous and spontaneous.
Last month Andrew had to work in the morning at a conference at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston. So we spent the afternoon driving around southern Rhode Island and exploring a few towns.

We had heard of Point Judith on the Discovery Channel’s Lobster Wars and wanted to check out the lobster boats. We also wanted to visit two towns named Galilee and Jerusalem. Who wouldn’t?

So we did. We took pictures. Searched for good seafood. And hung out at the beach. And froze:)

New England beaches are very different than Florida ones. Lots of rocks and little sand.


Andrew played with the camera.


We drove around checking out the cottages, summer rentals (trailers), and restaurants. We found a lighthouse (not pictured; it was behind fencing and a Dept of Homeland Security sign) and parking area and took some more pictures.


You can’t really tell from this picture, but this is a steep cliff into the water.


Then we hit the jackpot. Point Judith fishing boats and lobster pots.


The streets had hilarious and nautical names.


After we ate a seafood snack at Champlin’s in Galilee we embarked on the drive home. We decided to take the scenic route US 1 (which runs from Key West to Maine). And we decided that Andrew should practice his driving skills with the manual transmission, so he drove.


I was the worst navigator because I was paying too much attention to teaching and not enough attention to the map. We got lost. US 1-A took us a bit too scenic for our liking. We needed to go north, not due east. And we got frustrated. And hit traffic. So we switched drivers.


But not before passing through the famous Narragansett brick arch. Okay. So it’s probably not that famous. Just to us. When Andrew was visiting a while back we were driving down a road in Providence at night and he insisted that we drive straight. He said he saw a brick arch and wanted to know what was under it. So we drove. About 500 feet later we realized it was just a dense tree canopy and not actually a brick arch. Unfortunately, being new to the city, I didn’t realize the road I was driving on immediately merged onto a highway and bridge crossing over to the next town. We got lost. And now we have a new found fondness for real brick arches.

And that was our Saturday. Nothing too exciting, but we got to explore some new territory.