Hello World!

So it's official! Brooklyn Worm Girl has inspired me to start a blog! I'll give you a little accurate, but unfortunate background on the formation of this blog.

I recently received a plethora of new furniture from a co-worker and moved into a new apartment. Well somewhere in the mix of all this, I discovered that one of the two blessings came with some friends. Maggots. Only 7 to date, but still enough to cause me extreme discomfort. So I spent a little time researching the best ways to get rid of the little baby flies and in the process discovered her blog. To say the least, it is witty and inspiring. I don't expect the same level of entertainment, but will aim high nevertheless.

So here's to regular updates for my family and friends who can't experience the thrills in my everyday life!

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  1. Wow, this has been a draining experience just getting online to blog. My internet went down for a week. A Tiger Woods look-a-like (Brighthouse repair man) just left. Then I couln't remember my password. After typing a long blog, I didn't have an account and lost all the info trying to set one up. I love all your travel pictures.