Cookie Cutters

Remember those cookies we decorated the other night?


We were making my mom Get Well cookies, but I couldn’t tell you that or post pictures of the cookies because it would ruin the surprise. We used new cookie cutters I had just gotten from William Sonoma. I saw them on a few blogs last month and happened to see them when I was in the store and couldn’t resist them.


I should mention that the cookie cutters were not easy to use. The dough stuck to the letters making the cookies less than attractive. Next time we’ll use more flour on each letter each time we press them on the cookies. This is Andrew’s not happy face. (Not very intimidating, but I promise, he was actually really irritated and distressed)


This is Andrew’s reason why. Exhibit A. Giant hole in cookie.


Fortunately all turned out well in the end. We just used the cookie cutter to make the outer shape of the cookie and then pressed the letters on individually with our hands instead of in the fancy cookie cutter like you’re supposed to.

We could only fit so many into an envelope for my mom so we got the extras:) A fun one Andrew put in my lunch:


Others we ate while watching the Olympics with friends:


PS My mom’s cookies were more exciting that just “I Love You” over and over. She got:

Get Well Nancy
Miss You
I Love You Mom
Get Well Soon

and my personal favorite, Surgery Sucks (originally misspelled as Surgey Sucks, thanks to yours truly)



  1. Two things...

    1 - I'm getting worried...is that little cart thing your kitchen "counter". It's the only thing I've seen in pictures.

    2 - Will you send me some cookies? I need some ASAP! I've had some long days, but no surgery!

  2. Oh Rebecca. You're getting so forgetful in your old age. Or maybe you haven't viewed our new blog thoroughly enough. You can see most of the counters in this post when I wash the white wax out of Andrew's hair:D http://portraitofthepiersons.blogspot.com/2010/02/day-21.html

    And YES. You will definitely get some cookies! Andrew and I will work on clever sayings for you:)

  3. Oh, of course. I forgot! Like I said, I've had some long days. I was distracted by the long man laying awkwardly on the "counter" and those socks, of course!

    I can't wait! They cannot get here soon enough!

  4. Looking good in the apron, Drew! Hope you guys are well.