This is quite out of character, but yesterday morning (a work morning in the 6:00 or 7:00 hour) Andrew and I sat across from each other with our dueling laptops and spontaneously bought tickets for two concerts.

One is Michael Bublé, which was less spontaneous and much more in character for us. We love him. We used to play his CDs in grad school while cooking and eating dinner together. We played lots of his songs at our reception. And we're excited.

The other: Three Dog Night. Yep. That's right. We'll be the only ones under 55 there. And that's okay. We're still excited. I saw they were coming to RI and had been to a concert of theirs as a kid with my mom (probably kicking and screaming the whole way) so I threw the idea out there. Andrew and I have major problems when it comes to music, so this is a big deal! I like country and 80s. He likes disco and blues. We can basically just agree on oldies and big band stuff, which isn't always ideal to listen to. It's tough for both of us to go on a long ride together. We should get a second car just so we can caravan and jam to our own music. Or use headphones with iPods. I guess that would be the cheaper option, but not terribly safe. Isn't it illegal to drive with headphones on or something? Anyway. Three Dog Night kinda falls in the middle for us. I'm familiar with it. It still meets Andrew's pre-1979 criteria. And we both might enjoy ourselves. Now I just have to convince him that he'd have the best time in the world at a Kenny Chesney concert.

I think we should do a little research and dress for the Three Dog Night concert so we can fit in. What type of followers do they have? Hippies? That could be fun.

And I should note, both are at casinos. One in Rhode Island. One in Connecticut. For some reason all of the venues in Southern New England are event centers at Casinos. Oh well. Maybe we'll just have to play a hand or two of Blackjack:) Ha. Who are we?



  1. Thats awesome!! What fun things to look forward too!!
    I <3 Michael Bublé, Rebekah saw him in concert while she was on vacation and said he was amazing!

  2. So excited for the concerts!

  3. ok was that 55 and older comment a shot at your dear OLD mom. I remember taking you and Justin to see three dog night at the rib feast as kids. There may be a lot of baby boomers kids like you there. Enjoy. Andrew, I put a surprise in the mail today. Normally I'd say it should be there in a few days. But living in Providence it may be a week. Your mail is the slowest in the country.