Quick Update

No time to write but I wanted to update you and let you know that:

1) A lease was signed for a new apartment! Very exciting, but it was very unexpected and happened quickly. So this weekend is the final push for the big move.

And 2) Mouse poop. We have found mouse poop everywhere as we move things out. I would like to emphasize that this should not be interpreted as a reflection of my hygiene. There are just holes everywhere in this apartment. In cabinets, for heating pipes, under radiators, etc. That mouse (I like to tell myself it was only that ONE) was on my kitchen window sill, under my bed, in my spice drawer, everywhere. SO THANKFUL to be moving and to not know this until now. Yuck.

Okay, I have to go move some more boxes, but I'll be back soon!

Happy Halloween!!


  1. 1) YAY congrats!!! I'm happy to help in any way possible...otherwise you guys are in my prayers! <3
    2) eww thats gross haha well at least your getting out of there, leave your troubles and mouse droppings behind =P

  2. Please leave the mouse behind. Don't move him hidden in your boxes. Good Luck! Wish I could help but thankfully I live too far away. Look forward to seeing the new place.

  3. <3 <3 <3 The whole in my blogging heart is deepening each day ;)
    Missed seeing you guys at church, hoped you had a VERY MERRY Christmas! And if I dont see you befor your wedding I hope all goes well and you guys have a delightful honeymoon!! <3 <3 <3 <3