Zoo Day | 2011

Andrew and I read a blog earlier in the summer about Top Tips for Taking Photos at the Zoo. We love excuses to practice our photography and learn more about our camera so we headed to our local zoo on a free-for-residents Saturday. We arrived when the zoo opened to try to get good morning light, but since it was a clear day the light was still pretty harsh. For this adventure, an overcast day with cloud cover would have provided the best light and minimal shadows, but since we were just practicing we didn’t mind.

Some of the tips we read were to zoom in close, focus on the eyes, turn off the automatic flash, and fill the frame with the subject.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was sad eyes. I’m not sure if some animals just have naturally sad facial expressions or if they are under-stimulated in captivity, but I sure felt bad for some of them. It’s amazing how different zoos, circuses, etc. are as an adult than as a kid. As a kid it’s cool to see the animals up close. As an adult I wanted to see them frolicking in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

But without further ado here are the animals of Roger Williams Park Zoo:


















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