Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me

Have I told you how much I hate bugs?

Well, we all know about that incident with me sucking the bug into the vacuum only to find it still alive and walking around inside the container a week later.

Then there are spiders. I once went 5 days without doing dishes because there was a big spider in my kitchen that suddenly disappeared and I was convinced for a week that he was hiding out in my dishes or in my rubber gloves just waiting to pounce on me. I decided to be humane and not kill him, which I promptly regretted after his disappearance. I swore after that 5-day standoff that from then on I would promptly terminate all creepy bugs upon initial contact.

I've also been known to spend 30 minutes with a rolled up newspaper, gallivanting around an apartment, blocking egresses and pelting lamps and furniture just to kill a wayward fly that thought I wanted to play chicken with him. Literally. We're talking dive-bombing my head during dinner.

Well, my apartment never ceases to surprise me and today is no exception. So, I lounged around for most of the morning snacking and playing on my computer. Well, at about 2:30 PM I heard a roaring buzzing sound. I looked over and saw something flying at me from the kitchen/bathroom area. It was hard to distinguish whether it was a giant fly or a bumble bee so I jumped up and ran for the door--one of the two of us were about to leave my apartment! Luckily, the fly took my bait and flew right into the hallway, but I was left perplexed about where it came from. I had not left the apartment yet today so no door was opened. My windows have storm glass, a screen, and then another interior window. Where the heck did it come from?! Any thoughts?

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