Winter Vests= Great Invention

There are many many great things about winter and there is no doubt that I will address lots of them over the next few months on here. Today, we'll start with just one: Layering.

Layering is a tool that is supposed to be used to ensure warmth outside while providing comfort indoors through removable layers that can be shed to prevent sweating to death. Unfortunately, I abuse the art of layering to fuel my tendency to be lazy and unkempt. For example, today, I tried on a collared button-up dress shirt under a v-neck sweater. Deciding that the outfit didn't match and the Mr. Rogers' impersonation was less than attractive, I decided not to wear it. Well, rather than starting over, I just put a vest on top of it, zipped it up and pretended the mismatching button-up wasn't under there. So, yes, I'm wearing a horribly ugly outfit right now, but I'm masking it with a vest so my co-workers are completely oblivious to the disaster lurking beneath.

Note to you southerners who hate-on turtlenecks and vests, we need them up here:)
So when I say "vest" stop picturing the teacher vest and start picturing the winter vest:


  1. It's my personal goal to leave a comment on all your posts...I know, I've missed some. (I made this goal before I knew you could watch my every move.) HOWEVER, I'm at a loss for words. I'm just smiling...you truly are one of a kind.

  2. Haha...great goal:) I am truly one of a kind, which makes you one lucky girl:) I'm glad you weren't offended by the teacher vest. Let's be honest, you stopped wearing that once you were pregnant and it didn't fit anymore;)

  3. Well, I tried to wear mine until the end of the school year, but the buttons popped off! :)