All in a week's work

I have had a lot of fun this week designing flyers, creating a newsletter, and making a poster for the health groups I work with:D Here's what I did this week! Busy week!

"Focus group" flyers.
A focus group is a meeting with a group of people, often residents of a specific area, so they can get information from people in addition to the quantitative data from the U.S. Census, Dept of Health, City, etc. This group is interested in understanding teenage pregnancy, delayed prenatal care, food insecurity and nutrition in their rural community. I got to make flyers that will appeal to different cohorts: adolescents, parents, etc.

I also created a poster for disseminating the results of a teen medical home study. The big white space is where the handouts (see below) will be mounted. I feel so techy when I get to make stuff like this:D

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  1. Nice job. I see your prior experience with the Seminole High School newspaper was a blessing.