Prospect Terrace Park

I have lived here for almost a year and never knew about an incredible park less than a mile from my apartment. When I saw a picture of it on a friends' fridge I had to see it so Andrew and I went to check out the sunset over the city.

We had hoped for something like this:

Unfortunately it wasn't our night. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful.

We saw the huge statue of Providence's beloved founder, Roger Williams, watching over the city.

We hung out with our coffee mugs checking out Downcity from all angles. The park boasts a great view of Downcity, the Capitol and the West End. This is why people love to live on the East Side...huge hill=great view + great workout.

At this point we're hanging out in a spot hoping to catch the sunset behind the capitol. There is a couple behind us having a dinner-picnic on a bench. We lolly-gag for a bit and then decide to go to a bench further away. When there are only 10 people in the park there's no sense in being in people's space. Well, as we're hanging out and talking I notice over Andrew's shoulder that this couple has gotten all smoochy-smoochy on us. Awkward. I'm a little weirded out and distracted by it until I realize that he's taking pictures of her and a ring. Yep, that's right, as if this guy didn't have enough stress in trying to execute the perfect engagement, two goof balls show up, hang about, talk, take pictures, and stand close enough that he can't give his mushy speech and prolong his torture. (Me: hanging out. Couple on left: trying to enjoy a picnic. Man: mustering up the nerve to ask his woman to marry him with strangers in his way)

You can't really see it, but between the trees is the engaged couple still basking in their excitement and me still being a nosy observer and peeping Kim.


  1. hahahahaha...goober. Cute pose "hanging out"

    So, this is why you were brushing your teeth to get in bed?

  2. Hmmmm...good excuse...??? I was getting into bed because I was tired. I still had my computer on so I decided to post this so that you would have something to read:D