Funny Weekend Moments

All this and he's witty folks:)
...a few highlights from this weekend:

[noise in the kitchen where Andrew is]

me: [behind a closed bathroom door] "What did you say, honey?"

andrew: [loud laughing from the kitchen]

me: [irritated that he's laughing...at me?...on the phone?] "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you..."

andrew: [louder laughter] "That's because I didn't say anything, you heard my loud fart and thought it was me talking to you!"

Classic boy. He will probably be so embarrassed and not forgive me for this post.

Lunch on Easter:

We went to a small local place for brunch. They had a book exchange. Take one. Leave one. The book shelf behind my head had the following book:

Andrew with poor eyes: "Um, what does the binding of that book say? Oh my! Touch and feel me all the time?"

me: "No Andrew, that's a childrens educational book."

andrew: "Oh. Oops. I thought that was an odd title for a book."

Andrew is running out of cell phone minutes for the month so I told him he could use my phone to check his voicemail. For some reason Verizon's free Verizon-to-Verizon calling doesn't include calling your own Verizon cell phone to check your voicemail. So Andrew checked his voicemail using my phone while we were at the DMV.

After I was back at work I noticed that I had missed two calls. Andrew called me and left two messages:
1) [concerned tone] "I saw I missed a call from you, just checking to see if everything is alright."
2) [in a serious, but perhaps embarassed tone] "Disregard that previous message. It was me. I called myself from your phone. Oops."


  1. lol lol lol - Not sure if you should have posted that, but I enjoyed it...good blog material.

  2. you two crack me up! i can't wait to see you soon!! it'll be a blast to have you here.

  3. Thanks Becks! Believe me, I second guessed clicking that "Publish Post" button a half-dozen times. Discernment was thrown to the wind...sharing the laughter won:)

  4. Very funny girls.....I will be a good sport and play along. As long as she tells you the things I do for her on the weekends...making lunch and dinner, doing the dishes, ironing her shirts, baking her treats, etc. Those things happen too, and yes so do the funny parts!