Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom spent a week relaxing on the beaches of St. George Island with family.

Luckily, since she was so far from me on her birthday, her cousins stepped in and gave her the birthday she deserved!

Hope you enjoyed your special day! You deserve it.

Things I love about my mom:

She always took lots of fun pictures of us. (Christmas pictures at Aunt Carol's)

She read books to me and took me to the park.

She gave us pictures to laugh at for a lifetime when we did Glamour Shots together in the 90s.

She took us on lots of vacations. (Cayman Islands)

She went with me to look at grad schools. (Colorado)

She is very generous. (Threw a party for Uncle Frank's wedding)

Happy belated birthday mom! I love you very much!

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  1. Thanks for remembering. We have had a lot of good times to look back on.