Watching the Classics

Want an idea for a fun summer, winter, or date night activity?

Andrew had the brilliant idea that we should educate ourselves, become more well-rounded, and experience a spectrum of movies. He looked up a list of the Top 100 Movies and came up with the American Film Institute lists.

We are planning to go through the movies when we get a chance. So far we have watched The Grapes of Wrath, Singin' in the Rain, and American Graffitii. They were all great films. I actually loved Singin' in the Rain--it was an unexpectedly fun movie.

This process doesn't come easy to me. I've had to be educated by my artsy friends to understand why these movies are great. My initial reactions would be to laugh them off for having terrible effects, silly plots, or seeming insignificant. But when you view them in their context, understand why they are considered great, know the cultural significance, or if it was the first of something, you can appreciate them so much more. Anyway, enough lecturing from me.

Andrew and I waver between these two lists. One is the 1997 version and the other a 10th Anniversary update. Some movies change position in the list, some were added, and some were removed. You pick:

1998 American Film Institute Top 100 Movies

2007 10th Anniversary Edition of the Top 100 Movies

Luckily for me my dad owns lots of these so I borrowed a bunch while I was in Florida:) That will save me rental fees, late fees, and having to watch Gone With the Wind or other 4 hour movies in one sitting! Thanks dad!!

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  1. Great post Kim. Yes, I would highly recommend the movies; our movie dates are my favorite nights of the week. If only we could watch one a day! We never know what we are going to get: some will be great and some probably not so much! But its always a learning experience and a fun night.