Much About Nothing

So I just got home from work.

Andrew is still working.

I don’t feel like starting on the stir-fry.

So I’m eating chocolate chip cookies and milk. Yep. That’s right. And to be honest, I’ll probably not be hungry when it’s time for dinner. Good thing it’s not Tuesday. I feel fine eating this tonight. But on a Tuesday, before an episode of Biggest Loser, not a chance. I’d be eating my cookies with a big fat slice of guilt on the side. Who could watch people work that hard to get healthy and in shape while nibbling away at greasy wafers of sugar and chocolate?

Yea. Wafers. That’s right. The cookies are pretty thin. We had a bit of a baking mishap last night. We’re still not sure what happened. We’ve used the recipe many times before. I’m sure a picture or two will make it up on the Picture Blog. And we’ll be the butt of your jokes, but it’s okay. They taste good.

Well, when I get caught up that is. I’m super behind on my blog postings and I hate that. I have all these pictures and no time. But that’s a good thing. We’re busy getting the apartment ready for Andrew’s parents’ visit this weekend. Gotta make a good impression with the in-laws, right? Can’t let them think they married their son off to a woman who can’t clean or cook! In which case, these cookies should be hidden or destroyed. Nah, just eaten:) They deserve to be loved just like everyone else.

Traffic is a nightmare. There is a new traffic light between my office and our apartment and it’s all the rage. Road rage, that is. Well, to me at least. I told myself I’d start walking again just so I can get home and not want to run someone over. I stopped walking. Did I mention that? No. Of course not. Well, between the cold and the rain and meetings, I haven’t walked in weeks. But this new light. It’s enough to get me walking. Plus it should be warming up soon.

Our neighbors downstairs are Swiss. They speak French. They have three little boys. We have a French school in our neighborhood so they don’t speak much English. They try to talk to me in English and I try to talk to them in French. But I don’t know French. It doesn’t always go so well, but we tell each other our names about every other day. It’s sweet. Right now they are singing at the top of their lungs in French. Not sweet. 

What else? We went to a Red Sox game this weekend. The Rays swept the series. It was fun to see my hometown team and my current town team. Except everyone in the stadium was a Sox fan. And I was stuck in the middle.

Oop. Andrew’s home. Gotta run! Time to pretend I was cooking all evening:) JK. He sees me sitting here. With the cookies and milk. Busted.


PS He brought home donuts! Stolen from work probably. Yay! Now we’re really gonna feel guilty next Tuesday.


  1. Good stuff! Enjoyed that....because I ENJOY YOU!

  2. Oh, and the whole getting busted eating something I probably shouldn't is sooo me!