Our life as of late

What have we been up to and where the heck have we been?

Andrew has been working a lot. His projects have kept him busy. We’re pretty thankful about that because his job started as part-time and now he’s working over 30 hours a week.

He also turned a year older and a year handsomer so we celebrated for a whole week (well, almost). The week started with good intentions. IMG_4888Food. Lots of food. Particularly, food that Andrew loves.

The theme of the week was:
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

It’s his favorite thing to quote to me so I took him literally and wooed him all week with his favorite foods.

We had breakfast, lunch and dinner plans daily. Bacon & eggs, homemade blueberry muffins, Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, etc. But by the time Friday morning rolled around it took all I had just to roll out of bed, let alone make a fun breakfast. (Andrew gets up way earlier than I do so I had to get up early all week to get the breakfast made on time.) He also got a different present each day. Nothing too fancy—lamps, throw pillows, a giant clock, tools—mostly stuff we were going to get anyway for the apartment, but it saved him from making the dreaded trips to Target and Home Goods. What a kind wife:)

And then we got a Wii. That was the big present on Friday. We were planning on getting one, so when I saw one I just snagged it up. For some reason, they’re still hard to find and it’s not even December!

Emy came to visit. That was fun. We ran around Rhode Island and made lots of food and kept her distracted from her thesis by playing Wii all the time. But that will be covered in another post. Probably a photo essay on the Pierson’s Blog.

And me? What have I been doing? Trying to catch up. I seem to always feel behind. I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep, my BSF homework, reading, writing blogs, relaxing, etc. But hey, that’s life. If I was all caught up I’d be bored.

Well, that’s our quick Saturday update. We took the day off from all things stressful and have lounged around all day. It was glorious. Now we’re off to finish Lawrence of Arabia. Yep. That’s right. We still haven’t finished. You try to watch a 4-hour movie and see if you can stay awake:) Just don’t tell the Savage’s. It’s their movie. We borrowed in in August. Oops!


  1. A Wii!? So jealous. Excited to play when we come visit (someday). Happy belated, Drew...


  2. I love the week long bday celebration!!! And hey congrats you FINISHED Lawrence of Arabia!! =D

  3. Thanks for the perfect birthday babe! There is no way that it could have been better...:)