Homemade, Homegrown

Andrew and I had dinner last night with a couple from church, Deb and Stephen. Deb is a super chef and makes all sorts of food from scratch. But not typical "scratch," this is scratch like Adam and Eve or the ancient Egyptians would make it. She grinds her own wheat berries to make flour, buys raw milk and butter from the Amish, she bakes all of her own bread, and makes her own cheese (just to name a few). She's posted a few blogs about the ingredients so I thought I would pass on the info to you!

Her Philosophy:
"Food is basically the only thing I buy that becomes a part of me. My bones, organs, muscles, skin, hair, blood - everything - started out on my plate. If I were building a house, I wouldn't use poor-quality materials or cut corners to save time and money. The raw materials that go into the animals I eat are just as important."

Andrew and I had homemade lasagna comprised of ground beef from a grass fed cow purchased at a local farm (intense-she bought a cow, not a pound or two of chuck, a cow) and homemade mozzarella and ricotta!

Also, my sweet, unemployed, boyfriend has been visiting me. He applies for jobs, cleans my apartment, or makes dinner while I work. As I unpacked my lunch bag this evening, Andrew made a statement worthy of a quote of the day: "Sorry, I ate a lot of the peanuts today when I was watching Oprah." Ha! I love it. He claims he only watched the last 8 mins.


  1. Kimmie,

    Andrew sounds just like me. He cooks and cleans up after you. He's hired. I retire.

  2. Good post! You're getting back in the swing!
    1st part...so, you think you might follow in her footsteps??
    2nd part...very funny! Very cute! What were the last 8 minutes about anyways?
    Idea...Andrew could also update your blog for you while you're working!