Pesticides, please!

Okay, don't get me wrong, I love, appreciate, and value the goodness/purpose/benefits of organic, but I could do without the bugs.

I decided that since I'll be eating lots of junk food tonight at a Superbowl party, I would make a salad for lunch. As I started to pull the leaves off the head of Romaine lettuce I noticed bugs. And not just a bug or two, but a few families of bugs. A "big" bug and a bunch of little baby bugs around it. Not being sure if they're dead or alive I decide to wash them down the sink. Well they didn't move so I turned the water temperature up. As mentioned in a previous post, my water comes in two temperatures: ice cold from the underground pipes and scorching hot from the boiler. When those little jerks didn't let go I decided I would burn them off. Sick, isn't it? So I turned up the temp and they eventually let go. I went to switch my laundry over and walked back to an overwhelmingly foul smell. It smelled like cooked cabbage....close, cooked Romaine. In my attempt to eradicate the bugs I got carried away and ruined the entire head of lettuce! How sad. How terrible. How pathetic. I even knew better. It's basically the same way you cook spinach. Oh well, lesson learned: don't panic over the bugs.

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