Restaurant Week? Yes, Please!

I know Providence may not be the most rockin' town on the planet, but sometimes it's just pretty great. For example: Restaurant Week-- 3-course lunch for 13 bucks or a 3-course dinner for $30!

I'm pretty pumped about getting lunch with my co-workers today and a friend from church tomorrow. I'm not gonna lie, I don't want to leave Andrew out of the mix so I'll probably eat 3 lunches out this week! Totally not in my budget or in my wedding-preparation food regimen, but oh well, you only live once:D

Happy eating! Come visit;)

PS I have not forgotten a weekend recap. You will get a little run-down after I decompress a bit. 10 reception sites in 2 days + a bridal show = a tiring whirlwind of a weekend!


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  1. We ate dinner at Waterman Grille on Thursday night!! The food was amazing! Where did you eat? I love good restaurant reviews. I'm dying to hear all the wedding news.