Work 'Picnic'

I had to work late last week, but I was getting hungry and cranky so Sweet Andrew packed us a dinner of leftovers and walked them to my office:) I was pretty excited and thankful, not to mention I was able to finish my work!!

Isn't he great?

Did I mention that when I flew home a few weeks ago to Florida we had a bit of a bus mishap and I had to drive to the airport at the last minute and park my car there? And that Andrew took the bus to the airport to meet me when I landed? Well, it's true. He took the last Sunday night bus, which leaves downtown at about 7:30 pm, to wait for me to get in on my 10:30 flight. Yep, he's great. It was a super fun surprise! :D

PS Tomorrow is the big day!! The big sunflower day:) We're hoping for good weather!!


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