We All Forget Things Sometimes

I received a text yesterday from my favorite dramatic counterpart. We like to exaggerate and be extra dramatic with each other sometimes. It just makes for a little added excitement or at the least, provides ammunition to tease each other.

"Arm...so...tired. Still...no...peaks. Not...gonna...make...it." the text read. I paused, "Huh? What is he talking about?" Then I realized that he was making the whipped cream frosting for a cake for that evening's potluck, by hand.

[Light bulb] "Wait!" I chuckled and immediately responded: "Hand. Mixer. Use it or lose it, baby."

Now I realize that six months ago this would have been completely acceptable behavior. However, we made a trip to Target specifically to find a cheap temporary hand mixer just for this type of use.

No response.

He assures me that he remembered about the hand mixer the whole time, but I have my doubts ;)

In his defense, we are all forgetful sometimes. For instance, I like to send myself email reminders throughout the day of things to do or read later in the evening when I get off of work. Somehow, in the 3 seconds delay between hitting send from one email account and seeing the little Gmail envelope pop up on my browser window I forget that I emailed myself. That's right. My short-term memory is not so good, apparently. A little piece of my heart gets excited and then promptly dies when I feel the shame of realizing that I emailed myself. Sometimes I forget things too.


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  1. :) Another reason why you guys are so good for each other! :)