Confession: I'm so un-urban sometimes

I must confess, I've embraced those dreaded Dwight D highways lately. I look forward to driving to meetings because I get to spend 20-50 minutes basking in nature's glory!

New England is BEAUTIFUL in the Fall.

While I'm at it talking up the automobile...
I was at the gas station filling up for the first time in about a month (I drive very little) and I was stoked that gas was $2.73. I pulled into the station, got out of my car and started gearing up to fill my car up. I couldn't figure out why the button to select the fuel grade said: $3.23. "What? That's not what your sign says! Gas is under $3 nowadays!" I got into my car and then started to drive away when I looked at the pumps across from me and saw they advertised $2.73. I quickly turned and pulled into the pump, looking over my right shoulder I realized that I had been at the full service pump! I didn't even know that full service still existed besides in New Jersey and Oregon!


  1. Wait! Did you take pictures while you were driving? I'm not sure that's in compliance with Rhode Island driver's safety regulations. Did your flash blind the other drivers?

  2. It's true, I took these while driving. Probably not the smartest idea I've ever had, but well when are my ideas ever smart! Take the drill saga for example. I at least hid the camera when people passed me so they wouldn't get angry that I was going slow in front of them (in the right lane) because I was taking photos 0:) It could have been worse, I could have been texting, right? At least this required no concentration--Just aim and click. I won't lie I had quite a few to filter through to find ones that actually showed the trees:) Luckily, Miss Kelli, it was still daylight so the flash refrained from showing its pretty little face.