A Tribute to Best Friends

Some friends are the forever kind of friends. Months can pass without talking, but you can pick right up where you left off. Ask hard questions. Talk about important things. Talk about nothing. And leave knowing that you somehow feel as though you love this person more than the last time you saw them; and you're surprised that is even possible. They are the kind of friends who randomly drop you emails or cards or packages. The kind of friend every girl needs and the kind to aspire to be for others.

I am so blessed to have many friends like this and I cherish them (More shout outs to come, so don't feel left out. I'll start a weekly column or something honoring my friends and family!). One of them is Courtney. Courtney and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Seminole. We spent many summer days in middle school cooking Hamburger Helper and hanging out at the pool. We participated in all sorts of extracurricular activities together in high school. She went to UF for college and I went to Rollins. We ended up studying abroad in London the same semester in college and spent many Friday nights in my flat cooking dinner and eating incredibly oversized bowls of ice cream. She is currently in law school at Stetson and I'm a 1,000 miles away working at a non-profit in New England, but we make sure to meet up for a coffee at Starbucks whenever I come back into town.

I had gotten home last night from a long and draining day (and week) at work. I'm on a lull between projects, waiting for some decisions so I can move forward, and slow days make for very long days. Well I walk up the stairs and find an orange Nike shoe box on my door step with a note from my neighbor that says: "Kim, This was at the back door. -Mike" A package? YES! What a treat!

I hurried inside to open the box and found a present full of all my favorites: gummy bears, Alfredo pasta, hot chocolate, pink pens, adorable hair ties, chapstick, lip gloss, pink earrings, Ice Breakers Restore mints, nutrient enhanced drink mixes, an adorable Halloween cup, pictures, and an incredibly sweet card. My wonderful friend Courtney, whom I've known since 7th grade, sent me the package as a holiday treat just to remind me how much she loved me and valued our friendship. How thoughtful and amazing! The timing couldn't have been better either. It was the exact pick me up I needed after a long week. Also, ironically, I had been reminiscing about high school earlier that day at work. I had heard a lot of old school songs on my Pandora Radio and had been recalling the high school and early college years when everything was so easy, carefree, fun, and filled with many friends.

So here's to good friends, great memories, endless laughter, and a lifetime of companionship!

Courtney & I through the years:
High School Days

Sophomore Powder Puff


Lion Bars-one of the greatest things the UK has to offer

Scottie Hotties

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