Panini Anyone?

Sometimes I feel more like a college student than a real adult.

Exhibit A. My makeshift panini press.

I was afraid my can of organic kidney beans would scratch my new Teflon pan, so I put a bowl in between and then realized how ridiculous, pathetic, and college-student-ish it looked.

Yet other times I feel like an old woman.

For example, when I'm in line at the grocery store and I bypass the People, Cosmo and US Weekly magazines and go straight for the latest Taste of Home magazine featuring festive recipes, I realize how old I am on the inside. The fact that I found "120 clip & keep recipe cards with photos" to be completely irresistible says something about me:)

Really, I think I'm just stuck in that transitioning phase. Kind of like Tom Hanks in Big...didn't he not belong with either age group or something like that? Little kid trapped in an adult's body? Wait, that's not really me either. Anyway, you get the point.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not quite sure how the kidney bean can would scratch your teflon, but the bowl (ceramic or plastic?) would not...