Fun Blog Backgrounds!

Great, the last thing I need: something else to waste my time on!

Well, I've done it now. I stumbled upon this site that has lots of fun, free backgrounds! It's super easy too.
You just go to the website: http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/
Pick a background and copy the CSS code
Add a new gadget to your page (The HTML/Java Script one)
Paste the code
and Voila!! It's there.

So feel free to spice up your blog with a fun, cute, maybe even seasonal background!


  1. Great choice! I thought you were going to do a seasonal one!?!?

  2. I will...when it gets closer. I didn't want to look at pumpkins or candy corn for a month!
    Plus, I had to find a background that would work with my rigged setup (my background is colored so I had to pick one where you wouldn't really notice). I have to change my background to Minima (the transparent one) and didn't have time to do that and risk messing things up (like fonts and colors).