Update x 2

Update #1-Good News:
I have heat.
Yes, I have heat, which is fantastic for the nightly temps dipping into the 20s and 30s. Bad news: It only works when my neighbor, Mike, turns his on or off. So unfortunately for him, he's got an annoying girl knocking on his door every other day to tell him she's cold or she's hot. Really makes for community building though, if that's what Walt is going for.

Update #2-Bad News:
I can't control my heat.
Unfortunately, since I can't control the temp I can't adjust it based on my needs (i.e. waking, sleeping, running a marathon, Tae-Bo, etc. ). More bad news: I don't like it to be hot when I sleep. So, 6am I wake up, temperature is 73 (which, interestingly, feels cold in the summer as air, but hot as heat in the winter). I can't sleep it's too hot. And to make matters worse either my heat is on (creaky hot water baseboard heat) or the mice are competing in an Olympics. I cannot fall back asleep because I am certain that I hear the pitter patter of hundreds of hurdling mice scurrying all over my apartment. I hear "tap tap" in the wall and am further convinced that they are trying to eat through a floor board or dry wall to create another egress. Yes, you can say it, I'm paranoid. So, thanks to my brilliant decision to actively pursue looking for mice I am now terribly afraid that I have them and that they run around my apartment in the middle of the night. I even turned the light on thinking they may get scared and scatter like roaches, but I made sure to not look so I wouldn't actually see them! Baahhhh! Why did I open this can of worms?


  1. Kim you crack me up! What is too funny to me is that I had similar adventures in my apartments in Massachusetts...especially with the mice! In the one apartment there was a fuse box panel think in the corner of my bedroom to the left of my bed, but at about the height of my headboard & I would hear the mice in there at night...it would totally creep me out! I finally put some D-con in there and it got some of them...at least the loud ones. I also had a student who gave me a humane mouse trap to get other mice...but I really didn't want to have to deal with releasing any mice, so I just stuck to poisoning them. Nice huh?

  2. The height of my headboard?! I don't think so! You're much braver than me! Yes! I've thought about the traps too. I totally agree with the your view of the humane ones. The last thing I want is to come home to a container of mice in my living room!! No way. My neighbor is going to talk to the landlord, but I feel pretty hopeless that we can actually get rid of them. The house is from 1814 and there are probably a hundred of them (maybe a conservative estimate). I don't know though. You'll probably here about it though:)

  3. Can you find another place to live??? Sounds like this is causing you great stress. Actually, we don't have ANY mice down here...why don't you move down here? In fact, I have a room or two for rent. :)

  4. Be careful or I just might take you up on your offer! You'll be sorry when I never leave:)

  5. I won't mind...as long as you make us some of your amazing paninis. However, we don't eat kidney beans, so you'll have to bring your own can. Hahahaha! You can also try out your Taste of Home recipes on us.