Curious What I do All Day?

Probably not, but I'll give you the info just in case you are!:) 40% of my time is spent working on projects for and with neighborhood residents on a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you select the state of Rhode Island on the drop down list on the following website it will give you some links to read the brief project descriptions. The projects are pretty fun and very interesting.

1. http://www.aap.org/commpeds/grantsdatabase/grantsdb.cfm
2. Under "States, Territories, and Countries" select Rhode Island
3. Click, "Basic Submit"

Just a little snapshot about what I learned yesterday at work:


  1. Oh Kimberly, you are living the life!

  2. Don't hate, Emy. Don't hate. You should be happy. Your fine state of Illinois is laying low on the teen birth front. Thank you for contributing to make this statistic as low as it is:)