Urban Living

So finding time to blog while being the little urbanite that I am has proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be. After work last Wednesday I walked to the mall and did some shopping for baby Reagan. Thursday I walked to Wickenden to meet up with a friend in town from grad school. And Friday I went out to dinner downtown with co-workers.

I had a pretty eventful weekend as well. I finally got to go to the grocery store, now that my car is out of the shop, and got much needed groceries. It must have looked like I was feeding a large family! Ha! I did get a little extra because Andrew will be coming in town this weekend. I bought some stuff to make chicken Alfredo, chicken enchiladas, and chocolate cheesecake bars.

I also went to a surprise birthday party for a friend from church. It was a lot of fun and I am starting to get to know people and make friends. I even have a date! I'm meeting up with a gal Emily for ice cream on Tuesday night when her husband has class...sneaky!

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  1. You have the greatest gift of gab. I have enjoyed every word you have written so far.