Saturday Morning Outrage

I don't know how to adequately display or explain this, but bear with me. So the cute little 1814 apartment I live in has some quirky 1800s characteristics accompanying it. One being, non-automotive features. At some point over the past 200 years a hill was created and a building erected on top of the hill directly to the north of my building. Well, my guess is that it happened at least 80 years ago because the driveway for our parking lot is barely wide enough for a car to get through.

Exhibit A
So basically every time, I, or anyone else from the 6-unit building enters or exits the parking lot, I fear for my life. There are a few things to fear. 1. I could scrape the nice rock foundation (on the right side of the picture) and mutilate the side of my car. 2. I could hit the side of the building and get mutilated by the landlord for structural damage (although I think it could somehow be his fault). 3. If someone else is pulling around the corner in their car, I fear that they will hit the side of the building, bringing my closet and bathtub raining down through the side of the insufficient structural support. Any way, I lose.

Well thus far, this has been no big deal. No one has died. No one has hit the wall. No one has decimated the side of the building. "Okay, then there is no problem," you think. Oh think again. Good, old, Walt, the landlord has gotten greedy. It only makes sense. Think about it: There are only 5 or 6 tenants in the building and only 5 or 6 cars. Nine cars could easily fit in the lot.

Yes, as if moving my car at 6:45 on a Saturday morning was not bad enough, I did it for this:
Mr. Greedy Landlord wanted to paint some lines and numbers. I realize that this cannot adequately represent the mayhem going on down there, but take my word for it, it's ridiculous. The spots are narrow and the turning radius is obsolete! One tenant has to park all the way to the right (spot 7, not shown) because the only way he can get out is by directly backing his Envoy straight out--none of that turning around the corner business. Well you've seen the narrow entry (it would be on the far lower right of this picture). There is no possible way for spots 8 and 9 to get out. They cannot turn around and do not have enough room to maneuver the required 180 degree arc turn in reverse. Lastly. Do you see the corner of the building on the top left of the picture? This is our laundry room. How in the world do you imagine someone pulling into spots 1 or 2?

So, the sad story is that we struggle to accommodate 6 cars and we may have to welcome some spot-renters up to 9 cars! The guy next door gets nervous just pulling his Schwinn in to the lot (ok, a little exaggeration).

Wow. Happy Saturday!

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