1st Winter Storm in RI

The first winter storm of the season is on its way and I'm so excited!! Luckily, I walk to work so I will be able to get home in 15 minutes regardless of the snow fall since I'm not dealing with the roads. I just have to be careful that someone doesn't slide of the road and onto the sidewalk:)

Well, as I eagerly anticipate the joy of being cooped up in my apartment, with a blazing fire, some hot cocoa, writing Christmas cards (a little late, I know), watching a holiday movie, and staring at the falling snow, Andrew's mom sent me the reality of what the future holds. A little heavier than I dreamed of!

That blob in the middle of the picture is their golden retriever in the driveway!! Notice you can't see where the driveway ends, yards begin, or the road runs through it! Good luck shoveling that, Andrew!

Doesn't snow just look so pure and perfect before there are any footprints to mess it up?!

Normally I wouldn't mind, but this is killing Jaso and I's plan to go to New York City for the day tomorrow. There is no way he is going to get out of Boston, let alone pick me up and get us 3 hours through the Northeast to NYC.

I'll be sure to post some more pics once it arrives in Rhody:)


  1. Oh my word! I had to go put on a sweatshirt after looking at these pictures....brrr!

  2. Becka, you are so funny! Is it hard to be that funny?! I can't wait to come see you and your cute family:)