Brrr...It's cold in here....

1st snow of the season!!! What a great start to the day!! Unfortunately, I didn't know it was going to snow so it was quite the surprise to walk out of my apartment this morning, late for church of course, to the further delay of brushing off my car. I planned to take some pictures as soon as I got out of church, but it all melted by then:( Oh well, it will come again some glorious day!

On the downside of this fabulous day, the heat broke last night and the temperature has steadily decreased throughout the day. Current temp in my apartment: 52 degrees. There is a heating company working on it right now since it's getting down to 15 degrees tonight and that would cause problems on many levels: freezing pipes, freezing tenants, etc.

I'm currently in bed under the covers (the only warm place in the apartment). I'm using the art of layering to survive: I'm wearing sweat pants, a sweat shirt, a beanie, and socks which snuggling under a sheet, down comforter, quilt, regular comforter and a throw blanket. It's working pretty well--my hands are the only parts exposed and cold. The worst part is that I'm very unproductive when this happens because doing anything constructive requires me to abandon my cocoon and move about in the frigid apartment.


  1. Yes, about midnight it kicked on! It was still pretty cold for a while though:) Is this another strike against getting you up here?