Walking in A Winter Wonderland

It started snowing Friday afternoon and just never stopped until Sunday!! Here are some pictures of my beautiful neighborhood:

The East Side

Main Street with real icicles!

Walking to work has proved difficult. Illinois prepared me for the cold, but not the hills. Walking on flat land with ice is one thing, but to walk downhill on ice is a whole new story!! I'm pretty sure I pulled something in my back this morning when I saved myself from falling but looked as though I was enduring vertical convulsions.

However, I must confess that I really enjoy living on a hill. I don't know if it's a sick pleasure or the feeling of success when someone conquers the challenge, but I love listening or watching cars try to go up the street to see if they can actually make it.
PS Who says people in the NE aren't nice? This guy pushing the truck was just walking up the hill when the truck tried to go up. Shortly after this picture the truck gave up and the guy kept walking.

Downtown Providence

Also, there is no grass to distinguish the right-of-way between the streets and sidewalks so the snow clearing has turned into a battle of the piling. The plow drives down the street and pushes all the snow to the sides. Then the residents and landlords snow blow and shovel to clear their sidewalks since they have to (slipping is a liability), back into the street. It's pretty crazy. Needless to say, there aren't many sidewalks to walk on to work, sometimes you have to plow through the drifts and on roads with no traffic you just walk in the road.

So when I see this I think, "Guess they won't be picking that up tomorrow." Oh no, I was wrong. They still picked up our snow filled recycling this morning!

Too bad that I put off doing my laundry until Sunday...it's in this detached portion of the house.

Saturday night I decided to clear off my car (this is before I got it all off)...

Sunday I realized that it was all in vain, you couldn't even tell.

Nothing escaped the elements.

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