Survey: Insight Into My World

Thanks Joy! I can't resist!

I love the smell of - Philly cheese steak sandwiches

People would say that I - am wordy. Gotten an email from me lately? If so, it was probably 5 pages;)

I don't understand why - people stay up late at night and then sleep the day away. I am not a night owl and can't make it through a movie after 7 pm so this probably explains my inability to comprehend people who enjoy staying up late. Me, I love sleep. The more the better. I'd be in bed by 9:30 if I had my way.

When I wake up in the morning - I turn on the Today Show to motivate me to wake up because I'm so interested in listening to Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann--Pathetic, I know.

I lost my willpower to - exercise...about sophomore year of college! Yikes. I just can't do it. A quarter mile into a jog I decide I'm not having fun and head home.

Life is - worth every obstacle and challenge. It's never what you think it's going to be and many things don't go your way, but I'm learning to roll with the punches, laugh at the trials, and enjoy every opportunity & challenge God gives to me.

My past made me - who I am today...the good, bad, and ugly have shaped and defined me and taught me valuable lessons. I am thankful for God's sovereignty over it all.

I get annoyed when - people correct others at inappropriate times. Like when a cashier mispronounces your last name or a strangers states an incorrect fact. You're never going to see them again, it's not hurting anyone, just let it slide. Please don't make me feel awkward and apologetic because you were rude.

Parties are not a good time to - fight with your significant other. Fighting in public is always awkward and unnecessary.

Dogs are - adorable, especially a little husky or malamute.

Cats are - not so cool. Well, on the contrary they think they are cool. Too cool for you in fact. They are not needy enough for me. If I'm gonna scoop out your poop and fight to wash your smelly furry self, you better be welcoming me at the front door when I get home, eager to play with me, and cuddling with me on the couch when I watch TV!

Tomorrow is - Tuesday. Just over a week until Christmas. Nine days until I get to go home:)

I have a low tolerance for - shallowness. Go big or go home. I love deep conversations, real people, and vulnerable friendships. I also have a low tolerance for littering. Just put it in the proper trash receptacle. Hold on to it for 5 extra minutes. I cringe when people toss cans or fast food bags out car windows.

I'm totally terrified of - bugs. All of them. Any of them. Always.

I wonder why I thought my life would be - simple. I thought around every corner and milestone that things would get easier, more relaxing and less complex. I was way off!

I always knew that I would - be organized. I just didn't know that I would be this O.C.D.

Never in my life have I - gone skydiving...and never will I. It really doesn't appeal to me AT ALL. Or bungee jumping. Or anything remotely spontaneous or dangerous.

High school was - amazing. I didn't appreciate it at the time and thought it was a lot of work and filled with drama, but looking back it was easy, carefree, and incredible.

When I'm nervous - I sweat.

One time at a family gathering - I was offered $5,000, a reception at a country club and a honeymoon in Cabo St Lucas by my boyfriend's grandfather if we were the first grandchildren to get married. I'm still seriously considering the offer;)

Take my advice - don't take some things too seriously. It just results in worrying about something you can't control, unnecessary stress, and an overwhelming need to control.

Making my bed - is the first thing I do in the mornings...with a studio, it kind of makes or breaks the place

I'm almost always - LATE...and not almost always, let's be honest, ALWAYS.

I'm addicted to - the Today Show

I want someone to - finish my sentences and laugh at my corny jokes. Luckily, I've already found him:)

I tag... Becka, Emy, Kelli


  1. Good stuff, Kim. I think I could copy and paste a few of your answers. :)

  2. Scary, we have so much in common (except the bug thing).

    I have an idea where that bug phobia came from. When you were a little girl living in our first house, your bedroom was invaded with carpenter ants trying to escape a flooded backyard following a heavy rain. The ants were everywhere (just in your bedroom).