Not a good morning

So I woke up early this morning to do the dishes, clean my apartment up, and start the packing process. I was so impressed with myself for not hitting snooze 5 times and only watching a little of the Today Show. I checked-in online, checked my email, and then jumped out of bed.

Well, just as I started to put the shampoo in my hair I hear the fire alarm go off. It's never gone off before so I wasn't sure how to take it, but I didn't want to blow it off. I jumped out, wrapping a towel around my shampoo-filled hair, and ran out the door in my pink robe and slippers. Well, mind you, it's 12 degrees outside and covered with snow. It turns out there are only 2 out of the 6 tenants in town right now and we had no idea what set it off. My neighbor downstairs, the only other one home (also in a robe), called the property manager and even though I warned him he still proceeded to lift the "LIFT" tab on the fire alarm thinking that it would somehow turn it off. Oh no, he's now triggered a second alarm! Ruthless. Well, naturally, he had to be at work by 8 so he left. Now it's just me freezing and waiting for the property manager. I was so irritated at this point that I just went back inside, despite the alarms' warning, put on all black, threw my shampoo-filled hair in a ponytail with a polka dotted wrap, grabbed two packets of oatmeal and stormed outside to wait for the property manager in a quieter environment that won't cause my ears to bleed. He arrived, on the phone with the fire-alarm company and unable to talk to me, so just left and started my ice-skating journey to work.

So basically I got to work an hour early, cold, hungry, and frustrated. My boss, who was out sick yesterday but is feeling much better, said in a chipper voice, "What's the plan?" I think he meant for me to go home for Christmas, but I just blurted out: "The plan is for me to leave early today." I recounted my morning. Told him how I hadn't had breakfast and didn't have time to pack a lunch and still had stuff to do around the apartment and was feeling quite ornery. He concurred and said, "Well, do what you've gotta do." That was awful nice of him.

So this was the gist of my morning. Nothing too traumatic or life-threatening, but enough of an inconvenience to cause me to start my day in a foul mood. It's one thing for the fire alarm to go off in sunny, warm Florida, at Rollins College, when an annoying freshman sets it off and you can just go to Dave's and laugh about the unexpected FroYo break or excuse to see Mae and get a smoothie, but it's another when the temperature is just rising above single digits and you're soaking in a wet robe about to embark on a 7 hour day.

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