1st Casualty of the Season...

It's true. I had my first casualty this winter season. My flight arrived late last night, I split a cab with a random stranger*, and promptly crashed into bed in preparation for my first day back at work.

[*Note: It sounds a little crazier than it actually is. I shared a cab with another young professional woman, headed the same direction as me. Students generally flock to other students at the airport to reduce cab fares by getting groups together to split cabs. So while students make taxi plans you just wait for an invite or strike up a conversation with the nearest, non-sketchy looking person you can find.]

My office relocated while I was gone so it was my first day at the new place. I set out on a new route for work. Literally, less than 20 steps into this new unknown territory--a.k.a. the sidewalk on the other side of my street--I fall. Fortunately, I didn't fall on my work laptop, I didn't drop the phone, and I didn't even fall on my backside. No. I am proud to tell you that I busted, in style. Well, as stylish as you can in work clothes, with a briefcase, on the phone, in front of dozens of commuters stuck in traffic along the road. In fact, my fall was almost even graceful. It took on a bit of a slide element, like dancers or ice skaters or Tom Cruise in Risky Business. One leg remained planted, while the other slowly glided forward until meeting its demise. If only all falls happened this gently and painlessly.

It looked...
Almost graceful

Almost without fear

Almost, intentional.

PS I realize I owe you a detailed and entertaining summary from my Christmas vacation. It is coming, soon, I hope. Between the unpacking at home, unpacking at work, grocery shopping and trying to catch up on sleep, I'm an overwhelmed woman!


  1. so, confession. I'm more concerned about the fact that you're caring a brief case. Are we talking the rectangular ones our grandfather's generation carried to their 9-5 desk jobs at the local bank or risk assessment company? Tell me that by brief case you actually mean somue adorably large purse that holds your work laptop and tide-to-go pen.

  2. Kelli. Let's give me a little credit here. Obviously, I'm carrying an L.L. Bean monogrammed cloth case that I received from my grandma as a birthday present one year. Leather? Gramps? I don't think so.
    And, as an added bonus, I don't carry it regularly--just when we move offices and my boss tells us all to take ours home over the holidays and personally bring them back to work to ensure that they all actually make it to their destination!
    Tide-to-go pen...good idea, you must carry one. Funny, so does my grandfather who can't manage to eat a meal without wearing it all over him...you got the same problem love?;)