Snow Day?!?

Times two!?!?! Never have I heard of this, but perhaps it's quite common in urban areas. We are possibly having our second snow day, FROM CHURCH, on Sunday!! That's right, snow day from church! Crazy, I know. Apparently, churches or other businesses located downtown can't really function on days with parking bans since downtown, which generally relies on street parking, has been prohibited from allowing parking. The city bans on-street parking to allow the plows to be able to clear the roads without obstacles. Plus, it's really unsafe for people to be driving as the snow is pouring down, the plows are trying to do their job, and cars are slip-sliding all over the place!

Well, now that I think of it, I bet this is a lot less common than I first hypothesized. If you think about it, Providence is not exactly the most urbanized city in the U.S. Most cities, like Chicago or New York City are comprised of residents who walk or take underground public transit to get around town. They can probably still go to church through mounds of snow.

But, then again, I guess it's not just cities that have this problem. Think about suburban Buffalo, NY. They regularly get feet of snow. Imagine the motivation and preparation it takes every Sunday to dig your car out and drive through possibly poorly-plowed local streets. Plus, the added work for churches to make sure that their parking lots are plowed and usable! Gives the term fair-weather Christian a whole new meaning, huh?

Okay, well I'm done over-analyzing this whole experience they call winter. Either way, it's crazy and exhilarating for me! We're only expecting 3-6 inches this weekend so it's unlikely that it'll happen, but exciting nonetheless (in an impious and rebellious kind of way :D)

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  1. i bet you find that there are more snow days living in New England...that was my experience. Have you been 2 the grocery store the night before a snow storm is supposed to hit...it will be insanely busy. For whatever reason snow seemed to be a really big deal for folks out there. Enjoy those snow days...I always saw them a gift. :)