Seriously, Old Man Winter?

Ok, this has gone from "kid in a candy store" to just plain inconvenient. I feel like I haven't been to my church since before Thanksgiving!

Does it only snow on Sundays in New England?

This scenario has happened numerous times to me: the snow is coming down heavily, the City hasn't issued a parking ban so church doesn't get canceled, my landlord hasn't plowed our parking lot yet, and I don't know if my non-4 wheel drive SUV can get up and down the hills on plowed or unplowed streets. It's quite the predicament to be in, to stay or to go?

Two quick snapshots as the snow just keeps coming and coming:


  1. My darling daughter. Don't take it personally. This is not just happening to you. Has anyone suggested having services somewhere else with more parking? I love you but you are whining.

  2. i just laughed so hard at this. you are hilarious