Good Diet

You know what a good diet is? Healthy food. In fact, it's a doubly good diet. That's right, it's twice as good. Once because it's healthy food and therefore good for you. And twice over because I don't want to eat it--it's healthy food.

So I'm not actually on a diet, but after 7 days on the road + 4 days of holiday food galore, I couldn't take one more southern fried meal, one more piece of processed food, one more restaurant, or one more holiday dessert. So when I finally got to the grocery store I bought tons of produce and proteins that my body had been denied over the past few weeks.

Well, detox occurred and I've made a 180 turn. Maybe it's withdrawal. It's nearly one o'clock and I've yet to eat lunch. Why? Because it doesn't interest me. Day 3 of Cesar salad, fruit salad, and a side of vanilla yogurt for lunch? No thanks. I'll just continue to sit here, hungry. However, if it was some leftover pizza, a nice ham & Havarti sandwich, or PB & J with some Sun chips and a chocolate chip cookie, I'd have been all over that lunch by 11:47 am!

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