Christmas Holiday-Part I

Wow, nearly three weeks ago, my whirlwind of a vacation ended and I've yet to find the time to write about it all, so here's a brief recap.

The vacation started off a little rough. Like something that only happens in movies, my luggage was lost on my Christmas Eve flight. I ran around Florida buying last minute gifts that were too large to take on the plane, in 85 degree weather, wearing long johns and a cashmere sweater, hoping my luggage would turn up! I was so frustrated and miserable and prepared to wear that same outfit for a few days:( Fortunately, my luggage was found.

I received a phone call at 1:00 AM on Christmas morning. A gentleman informed me that he was from United and would be delivering my luggage in about 10 minutes. What?! Don't they do that kind of stuff during business hours? Either way, I wasn't complaining, I would have my luggage for Christmas and my two-week vacation! At 1:30 AM I saw two headlights, but to my surprise it wasn't a United van with a UPS looking man. Instead, two men wearing sports jerseys and ball caps, blaring rap music, and driving an Impala arrived with my bag in their trunk. It seemed a little odd, but I didn't care. It arrived!! What a relief. I was so thankful to not be stressing about my luggage anymore. But seriously, who were they?!

I spent Christmas day enjoying great food, watching Mama Mia with my family, playing a little Wii with the sis, opening presents, playing with matchbox cars, and enjoying a break from my usual routine. Andrew arrived late that night and the chaos called "vacation" began the next day.

Andrew, my mom, my brother, my brother's girlfriend, and I set out for Orlando the morning of the 26th. We hit Celebration on our way in, walked around Rollins College, ate lunch in Winter Park on Park Ave, and then headed to our hotel, the Gaylord Palms. We relaxed at the hotel, ate dinner, and walked around the beautiful and decorated atrium. We hit up ICE that night--an exhibit made up off all ice sculptures. When Andrew told his family about it they just laughed and mentioned how only people where it's warm would pay to freeze in 9 degrees and ice! It's true. We made gingerbread houses, laid out by the pool, and visited with my cousins the next day. After a 2-day stint we headed back to P-county to spend a few days with the rest of the family.

Here's a summary of our Orlando trip in pictures:

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