Another reason why I love winter: "Dibs."

I had all but forgotten about this ritual since I now live in a city that does not permit on-street parking overnight, but thankfully my friends in Chicago and Boston carry the torch well. I have never heard of anything so crazy, with the exception of a similar tradition before the 4th of July in Evanston.

Apparently, for one season each year, people put aside their selfish tendencies and respect others' "dibs." Honestly, I think it's more out of fear of retaliation than respect, but let's give 'em a little grace. So for those of you who don't know, some cities have a tradition of staking claims to parking spaces. I'm not sure how it started, but people have developed a mindset that if they are going to do all of the work to dig their car out of the snow, they should be entitled to that spot until the snow melts or for the duration of the season, in some cases. Emy shared her entertaining story pertaining to her naivety about calling dibs on her spot and I challenge Emy to top one of these, take a picture, and post it on her blog. Until she does so, I encourage you to enjoy some of the finer things in a life, a little light-hearted humor:

Dibs Season in Chicago

Parking-Spot Savers in Boston

Need a little enticing?


  1. Tell Emy that's my chair in Boston. I wondered what happened to it. Should we invite her back. My chair is holding a parking spot in the Boston snow. What a classic.

    Love Mom

  2. Apparently the "dibs" method runs so rampant that even my pastor does it. Someone took his spot and he left a nice but stern note on their car expressing his frustration that they took his spot that he had so clearly marked.

  3. This is a new concept to me. Interesting. I love learning new things!

  4. It's official. I need to live in the Northeast for a minute. There are so many things I know nothing about, nay, have never even heard of!!!! I know, I know, you never thought I'd cave...

  5. Yes, Ann! Get out here, even if just for a hot minute! I'm telling you, a 2.5 hour flight is the perfect prep for Africa! 0:)