Happy Birthday Becka!

It's the big 2 - 5 and it's your day! Make it count:D Happy birthday pretty lady!!


  1. THANKS!!!! You're sweet! Some of those pictures should not have come out of the vault. Did you really post that at 6:41? ;) Thanks again! I love you!

    Hey...you never called me back Tuesday! Did you freeze to death?

  2. Happy Birthday! I know, the Cheeks one was definitely the "I shouldn't be doing this moment"...but I had to! We were crazy! Well, you know me, I scheduled it to go up early in the morning;)
    PS I didn't even check the message yet! Oh no, what if you said, "hey call me later"?! I have no idea. Bahh...a terrible person. Will call soon! Hope you have a great day! Love you. xoxo

  3. hey, i nominated you for an honest scrap award. check out my blog about it: http://erinolivia.livejournal.com/266574.html